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South Texas Labor Lawyers Assist Unions and Their Members

San Antonio advocates advise on collective bargaining and enforcement

Unions give employees the ability to establish and enforce terms that recognize the vital importance of good workers. Located in San Antonio, Sanford Law Firm represents unions in collective bargaining, litigation and other matters designed to maximize compensation, protect benefits and improve working conditions. We have detailed knowledge of contract issues as well as the federal and state laws that govern labor relations. Our experienced advocates develop sound strategies to challenge management in cases relating to wage violations, safety concerns, discrimination and other instances where employees are being treated unfairly.

Knowledgeable attorneys work to ensure compliance with laws and contracts

Creating an effective collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a complex process that requires deep understanding of the law and keen foresight of the potential consequences of specific terms. Whether you’re negotiating a new agreement or making changes to an existing CBA, we’ll provide comprehensive support so that your union can deal from a position of strength. Our experienced employment lawyers will address key issues and make sure that arrangements don’t violate state or federal rules governing:

  • Wage and overtime issues — Incorrect Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classifications, faulty time computation and the refusal to award overtime pay are a few of the ways employers try to avoid their legal and contractual responsibilities to workers. We know how important it is for you to collect your complete paycheck and are determined to enforce your rights.
  • Seniority — Certain positions and privileges depend on how long someone has worked with the company. Should this be case, we’ll draw clear rules on how seniority is calculated to avoid costly discrepancies.
  • Job bidding — Hiring from within is often a win-win situation for labor and management. When this is an objective, we’ll work to hammer out clear, fair rules to fill positions that become available.
  • Payment for “donning and doffing” time — If a job requires employees to put on and take off special equipment or clothing, our lawyers can advise if payment for “donning and doffing” periods should be provided.

We are strong advocates for Texans’ employee rights and maintain strict oversight in contract compliance matters. At the first sign of a potential violation, we’ll move to correct the problem and enforce applicable terms addressing remedies and/or penalties.

Dedicated firm handles wage and hour disputes for employees

The idea that a worker should receive the agreed-upon wage for a day’s work seems like the simplest possible concept in labor law. Still, employers sometimes try to skirt the law by refusing to pay the required overtime rate or minimum wage. Unlike some states, Texas has not raised the minimum hourly pay rate beyond the federal standard of $7.25. Even at this rate, some employers try to cut corners by underpaying workers or refusing to provide time-and-a-half for overtime hours. Our experienced litigators take a hands-on approach to help ensure that employees receive the pay they’re entitled to.

Contact an effective South Texas attorney for advice on a labor law issue

Sanford Law Firm represents Texans in cases arising from unlawful employer conduct and other types of labor law matters. Our firm serves workers in Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe and Wilson counties, as well as the surrounding area. We offer a flexible appointment schedule. To set up a meeting at our San Antonio office, please call 833-295-1994 or contact us online.


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